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At age five, I made my first packaging prototype. My father handed me a small piece of paper and asked me to draw Snoopy. He was prepping for a meeting with Charles Schulz to pitch an idea for Snoopy Soap.

My first creations-for-pay were unwitting designer knock offs. An Izod Lacoste fan, I made small hand painted crocodile pins from Sculpey clay and sold them to my classmates in high school

By age 21, wearable art became my form of expression. I crafted hats, belts and jewelry from leather, paper and rubber — using the moniker Poisson Mort. My avant-garde works sold alongside Robert Lee Morris and Kieselstein-Cord at iconic boutiques like Weinstein’s and Lou Lattimore. I was very pleased.

The starving artist archetype reared its ugly head and I was diverted from my creative pursuits as an artist, DJ and party promoter, by my parallel career in the mortgage banking industry.

In 1988, I decided I could not take another day working at a J-O-B. I thought to myself, “If I spend 40 hours a week doing something that I enjoy, I know I can make a living from it.” Stacey Moore Studio was born.

I started with $15 and a cardboard box as my work bench. Within three years my jewelry was selling in hundreds of stores around the world — Barneys New York, Nordstrom, Urban Oufitters, Esprit, The Guggenheim Store and many more. Being a business owner has definitely had ups and downs, but I’m still here.

When I was nine, I overheard a family friend say “I’d pay $100 for that record!” He was referring to Blueberry Hill by Fats Domino. The next day I ordered a copy from Columbia House for 25¢. When the package arrived, I delivered the record, collected $100, and made my first quadruple digit return — a whopping 3,990 percent.

Friends noticed my business success and asked for help with their own ventures. In 1996, I added consulting and creative services to my repertoire.

I view business as an art form and design thinking is my natural approach. In my roles as strategist and creative director, I’ve helped clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and value. They love me.

At a time when I had grown tired of designing jewelry, the Internet was new and exciting so I taught myself to code. When the dot com boom happened, I was one of the few people around with experience, so I got a lot of work.

My client, Jeffrey Morgan, likes to tell the story about me single-handedly delivering a project that his company’s 40 person IT department couldn’t produce. I’m known as the Digital Ninja.

I have personally engineered and coded social networks, e-commerce systems, video software, marketing systems and custom web applications of all ilks. I have a stellar reputation for delivering large and complex projects on time, on budget, and looking great. Maybe I can do the same for you?   Learn more »

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